Project identification number: GINOP-2.2.1-15-2017-00058
Amount of support: HUF 641,377,574, ie six hundred and forty-one million three hundred and seventy-seven thousand five
hundred and seventy-four forints
Aid intensity (%-ban): 76.74 %
Name of the beneficiary: IT Quality Services Kereskedelmi és Szolgáltató Korlátolt Felelősségű Társaság
Consortium members:
  1. Optimal Optik Kft.
  2. Institute of Informatics, University of Szeged
  3. Faculty of Engineering Informatics, University of Pannonia
Presentation of the project content: During the project, we will create a self-developed on-board sensor and processing hardware and produce and process multisensory recordings in order to reconstruct an accurate, object-level, updated three-dimensional representation of the road environment and store it in a constantly updated spatial database. An important principle is distributed operation, recording and processing of several vehicles on a community basis. Dense sampling ensures the robustness of the generated spatial database. The main technological innovations of the project are in the following areas: on-board sensor technology, machine vision, GIS, distributed operation systems. The members involved in the project are outstanding experts in the individual sub-tasks and are able to implement the above technological innovations in their current composition. Even this decade, driverless vehicles are expected to appear on the road. This generates a strong paradigm shift in the automotive industry. New market niches are opening up, into which smaller, innovative players have the opportunity to enter with the right technology. In the effective cooperation system developed in this project, we want to create know-how that can enter this gap.
Actual completion date of the project: 30.06.2021.

Project identification number: VEKOP-2.1.1-15-2016-00074
Amount of support: HUF 198,150,069, ie one hundred ninety-eight million one hundred fifty thousand sixty-nine forints
Aid intensity (%-ban): 65,33 %
Name of the beneficiary: IT Quality Services Kereskedelmi és Szolgáltató Korlátolt Felelősségű Társaság
Consortium member: MPM Research Kft.
Presentation of the project content: According to the original idea in the tender implementation, we wanted to implement a complex system in the field of track maintenance and road property registration, which is able to detect the condition of the objects in the road environment and give signals if an object needs to be repaired. For this purpose, we install image acquisition and image processing devices on the vehicle deck, which can effectively compare the real states with an existing traffic technology spatial database and initiate transactions in the event of a discrepancy. We take advantage of the stereo image capture layout when detecting and recognizing road environment objects. We “register” the detected objects in the existing static 3D spatial database and look for discrepancies. This simplifies the registration and, if necessary, the repair / modification of road assets, so the number of property damages and personal injuries can be reduced.In the period following the submission of the application, we consulted with a number of potential partners on the possible use of the system, ranging from city operators to road managers. Among other things, we raised this solution at MÁV Magyar Államvasutak Zrt. To help maintain railway tracks. We have achieved such success at MÁV that our project has been provided with their professional support and, if successfully completed, they can also provide direct utilization. The difference is the on-board conditions and the range of objects to be detected.
Actual completion date of the project: 05.12.2019.

Project identification number: 2018-1.1.2-KFI-2018-00124
Amount of support: HUF 493,449,467, ie four hundred and ninety-three million four hundred and forty-nine thousand four
hundred and sixty seven forints
Aid intensity (%-ban): 67.69 %
Name of the beneficiary: IT Quality Services Kereskedelmi és Szolgáltató Korlátolt Felelősségű Társaság
Consortium members:
  1. Ignis Computer Informatikai Kft.
  2. 3E International Kft.
Consortium members: The aim of the project is to integrate remote sensing, drone technology and advanced machine vision technologies to create a complex solution suitable for automated technical supervision and technical control of the construction of line facilities such as public roads or utilities and buildings. With the help of the project, construction and technical inspection companies can save time and money, and quality improvements in the completed buildings can also be achieved. Mathematical algorithms that exclude human subjectivity give owners and technical inspectors a more accurate picture of the investments being made. In addition, occupational safety and health processes, which are of key importance for the protection of human life, can be improved. Whatever the construction work, it is typically a complex activity with many dependencies, in which the control activity plays a major role, whether the facility to be handed over is both the customer (investor) and the legal (quality, safety of life, safety, environmental protection, etc.). .) meet expectations. Currently, these control activities rely heavily on human resources, which are characterized by time, quantity, and quality constraints, as well as dependence. With the integration of the above-mentioned technologies and the development of new control methodologies, machine detection and recognition algorithms that do not yet exist, and drone control technologies, we want to overcome these limitations to reduce control costs and take advantage of early detection quality improvements. Currently, there are specific solutions in both drone control and machine vision and processing, but there are currently only limited solutions in the field of construction, typically 2-dimensional and applied to specific areas in the survey phase. The project aimed to develop a solution that:– I. is based on control methodologies that can be tailored to different control subjects, including technical and occupational safety areas– II. is able to automatically detect the difference compared to the reference (machine vision and artificial intelligence), is able to measure and indicate the differences between the digital design and reality with centimeter accuracy– III. is able to move in 3 dimensions, detect obstacles and adjust the route accordingly if necessary (drone control)The planned solution consists of (1) a drone station (which performs storage and charging), (2) drones for sensing and data collection, and (3) a background system for comparative analysis of the reference and collected data.
Actual completion date of the project: 30.06.2022.

Project identification number: EXP2020-NEP-000054
Amount of support: HUF 43,896,000, ie forty-three million eight hundred and ninety-six thousand forints
Aid intensity (%-ban): 50%
Name of the beneficiary: IT Quality Services Kereskedelmi és Szolgáltató Korlátolt Felelősségű Társaság
Presentation of the project content: Currently, the service provided by ITQS Kft to its industrial partners is unique in the world market, as the developed system can automatically detect faults in large-scale line infrastructures (electricity, railway, road network), which saves high costs for its partners. The service provided includes the design of the custom sensor and onboard camera systems, the detection of infrastructure failures using neural networks, and integration with existing business systems.We currently have a partnership agreement with the E.ON Group to develop support for power grid monitoring, which will ensure the extension of the service to other E.ON countries after the success in Hungary. During the project, we will focus on the presentation of our services and the implementation of pilot projects, primarily targeting electricity suppliers, railway and road network operators in the Western Balkans and the Middle East.
Intended completion date of the project: 30.11.2022